About  Pestmaster® Services

About Pestmaster® Services

Pestmaster® Services Columbus OH began in 2020 as a family-owned and operated franchise. Backed by the founding principles established by the first branch location that opened in 1979, this family is determined to provide a sense of care, expertise, and understanding needed by our residential and commercial customers in the Columbus, OH area when it comes to tackling pests.

Our team consists of pest management professionals that combine a local understanding of the pests common to the Columbus area and nationwide resources provided by the Pestmaster® Services company. For this reason, our team embodies the mission to deliver pest management with Environmentality®.

Why Choose Pestmaster® Services?

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Effective pest control is not a simple task that just any company can do successfully. It takes inspection, effective treatment, and follow-up. That's why our team approaches each case with a thorough inspection first in order to create a tailored solution centered on the principles that govern our Integrated Pest Management model.

We use the IPM method as our approach every time because different pests interact with each other and the surrounding environment in different ways. By following this approach, we can deliver guaranteed results today and establish the necessary measures to protect you in the future. Along with unmatched service, we bring the following to the pest control fight:

  • Numerous certifications: Our team is both GreenPro certified, and QualityPro certified. Besides those certifications, we maintain various certifications and affiliations consistent with being the best in the industry.

  • Environmentally friendly: Your safety and well-being is a top priority, which is why we only use verified green-friendly pest control products during your treatment.

  • Free inspection: Answers are needed before we can provide solutions, which is why we offer free inspections.

  • Proven method: The IPM method we use is known as the gold standard of pest management. That's why our pest management professionals work hard to maintain their skills and expertise while staying current on the development of best practices.

Our Pestmaster® Services Promise

When it comes to pest control, our team knows that nothing less than the best outcome possible is needed. That's why we promise never to deliver anything less than the best for our residential and commercial customers in the Columbus, OH area.

As part of our commitment to maintaining this promise, our service professionals stay up to date on the pests local to the Columbus, OH area so you can enjoy peace of mind every single treatment.

Also, we strive for innovation within the field of pest control, so you know you're receiving the latest and most effective treatment possible. With the personal connections our local team makes with each customer, we can offer fully sustainable solutions that satisfy our mission of pest management done with Environmentality®.

Are you in need of guaranteed results when it comes to pest control? Give our pest management professionals a call to discuss your professional home pest control or commercial pest control treatment options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.