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Reliable Bed Bug Control In Columbus, OH

At one point, experts thought that bed bugs were a pest concern of the past. However, the surge in worldwide travel over the last couple of decades, plus a shift towards secondhand purchases, has led to a resurgence in bed bug populations.

Along with the uptick in bed bugs across the world, their ability to resist regular pesticides and other standard pest control tactics has led to a tougher and more formidable pest to control in the Columbus area.

The Problems Caused By Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs get around by hitchhiking. For example, they can one day be on the east coast and the next day on the west coast thanks to hitchhiking on a plane. If that wasn't bad enough, they also cause problems for you and everyone else on the premises after they've invaded.

Bed bugs need blood to grow and reproduce, which they get by feeding on humans and any pets nearby. While they aren't tied to any diseases, bed bugs are known to leave behind itchy welts that can become infected due to scratching. They also cause mental strain due to the stress they cause people.

Aside from the physical concerns they bring, bed bugs reproduce rapidly. They are tiny enough to go undetected for a long time, which can leave you facing a bed bug infestation that has spun out of control. As such, professional bed bug control is a must when dealing with this annoying pest.

Integrated Pest Management Equals No More Bed Bugs

Since bed bugs are so difficult to eliminate, they require an Integrated Pest Management approach. This approach begins with an inspection to determine the point of origin and establish containment. Once contained, we implement two specific types of treatments depending on your unique situation.

Our process involves the use of two specific solutions, along with supporting solutions for a complete approach.

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Liquid Treatments

With this treatment, we apply the liquid to any bed bug harborage areas. Our pest management professionals strive to keep the product away from both humans and pets.

vapor treatment

Dry Vapor Steam

This is a direct contact heat treatment that ensures we can spot treat. Bed bugs are vulnerable to extreme heat, making this an ideal treatment combination. We can apply our bed bug treatments in homes, hotels, and multi-family housing. Although we require all people residing on the premises to be out of the building during this treatment, they can re-enter the building on the same day.

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Bed Bug Warranties

When you trust in our bed bug control program, you get a 90-day warranty to keep you protected. In addition, our Integrated Pest Management model means we don't consider the treatment over until all bed bugs are gone. To help verify this, we utilize a digital microscope to ensure we don't miss a single bed bug. 

How To Avoid Bed Bugs

  • Double-check all used furniture

  • Check luggage brought in by visitors

  • Don't allow excessive sleepovers

  • Avoid public storage when possible

  • Change rooms if you find them while on vacation

  • Watch for the signs of an infestation

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Complete Protection From Bed Bugs In Columbus, OH

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