Are you more or less likely to spend time outdoors when it's cold out? Many people love the fall because of the chilly weather. They love wearing long pants and comfy coats. They also love coming back inside to warmth after a good evening stroll.

Do you know who also loves coming into homes to get warm? Pests. As we approach fall here in Columbus, more and more pests will seek ways to get into our homes. To help you keep your living areas pest-free, here are seven simple fall pest prevention tips to try.

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Tip One: Clean Things Up

Pests love nothing more than a dirty environment. Why? Because it provides them with plenty of places to hide, snacks to snack on, and drinks to drink. To make sure pests aren't happy inside your home, we recommend doing a thorough fall cleaning. After your home is as clean as you can get it, try to keep on top of things. Cleaning practices include addressing food messes and drink spills as they occur, keeping dishes washed, and wiping down surfaces around your home regularly.

Tip Two: Keep Things Tidy

A home can be clean but still messy, which pests love. To limit where pests can hide inside your living areas, keep things tidy. To declutter your home, organize storage areas, get rid of items you don't need, and structure your home to minimize tight, hard-to-reach spaces.

Tip Three: Set Up Defences

The best way to defend your home against invasive fall pests is to ensure its exterior is well sealed. Limit entry points by filling in holes, cracks, and gaps in your home's exterior foundation using a caulking gun. Follow this up by making sure your window and door screens are in good repair. It also helps to install door sweeps under exterior doors. Finally, please do your best to keep unscreened doors and windows closed when they are not in use.

Tip Four: Remove Food Attractors

Pests do not just crumbs off the ground. They also consume left-out food, trash inside trash bins, and any other snacks they can find. Reduce food attractants around your home and property by picking up fruits and berries that drop into your yard, cleaning out your pets' food and water bowls after every meal, storing leftovers inside airtight containers, and making sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.

Tip Five: Address Moisture Problems

Pests need moisture to survive. Some need it more than others. Address moisture issues around your home by fixing damaged piping, making sure your gutters are clean and damage-free, using a dehumidifier indoors, and eliminating sources of water buildup.

Tip Six: Turn Off Exterior Lights At Night

Of all the tips we have for you today, this is the most simple. When it gets dark outside, turn your exterior lights off. This will make your home less attractive to a wide range of bugs drawn in by bright things.

Tip Seven: Hire The Experts At  Pestmaster® Services

Of all the tips we could offer you, this is by far the most effective. Look no further than  Pestmaster® Services if you need a way to protect your Columbus home and property this fall and winter. Our team is working hard to make sure as many properties in our area as possible are safe from invasive pests this winter.

To become part of our pest control family, give us a call today. We will walk you through your residential pest control service options and help find one that best serves you and your Columbus property.

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