Four No-Sweat Ant-Prevention Tips For Columbus Property Owners

We can provide many tips that will help you keep ants out of your Columbus home, but most of them take a lot of sweat. It isn't easy keeping ants out. You have to keep your home clean to prevent ants from finding food sources. You have to fix damaged or worn out weatherstripping and door sweeps on your exterior doors to keep them from getting inside. You have to repair dripping faucets and leaky pipes to remove moist conditions that are attractive to ants. These take a lot of effort. The same is true for many ant-prevention tips we could give you for reducing ants around your home, such as blowing the leaves out of your landscaping and getting leaves out from underneath your deck. When you keep on top of yard work, you can reduce the number of ants exploring your exterior walls. But the word "work" is in yard work. You came here looking for four no-sweat ant-prevention tips. Well, here they are. Four ant-prevention tips that are fairly easy to do—and why you should do them.

ant on counter

1. Put Your Food In Sealed Containers

The reason you see ants crawling around inside your home in large numbers is often because a food source has caused one worker ant to tell other worker ants in its colony to come in from the outside and gather the interior food source it has found. Available food sources like this can also inspire ants to create an interior nest. When you store your foods in sealed containers, you keep attractive food smells in, and unattractive ants out.

It is fairly easy to purchase containers in which to store sugar, flour, cereal, dog food and other items. And, though transferring food may take a little effort, it is worth it. When you store your food in containers you don't just keep ants out.

  • Containers help to keep your food fresh longer.

  • Transferring food to containers helps you detect pantry pests like Indian meal moths, weevils, and beetles.

  • Containers remove smells that can attract a long list of pests.

2. Put Dishes In Soapy Water

One food source that many Columbus residents don't consider is the food left on dishes after meals. If you stack dishes in your sink, or in a pile next to your sink, they will provide a highly attractive buffet for ants. We recommend putting dishes in a sink of soapy water. This doesn't take much effort and it also makes the job of washing the dishes easier—when you get around to it.

3. Put Pet Food Down During Meals

If you have a dog or a cat, you may leave food and water in dishes on the floor. The scent of pet food can attract ants and provide them with a food source that could lure them into your home by the thousands, or cause them to establish a nest in your walls. It is best to put pet food down only during mealtimes, and never leave pet food sitting out overnight.

4. Invest In A Pest Control Plan

It can be difficult to keep everything clean in your home and remove food sources that can attract ants and other pests. It is even more difficult to create a pest-resistant environment around your home and to seal all of the gaps and cracks pests can use to gain entry. But it doesn't take any effort to contact a licensed and experienced pest management professional and invest in a pest control plan for your home. While routine treatments and pest management around your home won't make up for leaving entry points for ants to access, or having a habitat around your home that is conducive to ant activity, it can give you essential control of ant populations to strengthen your defenses and protect vulnerabilities. If you already work hard to maintain a pest-resistant exterior, a pest control plan can add another layer of protection.

Columbus Pest Control

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