Gahanna, OH Pest Control

Trusted Pest Control Solutions In Gahanna, OH

The small city of Gahanna is adjacent to the Columbus International Airport and just miles from the center of downtown. It boasts community parks, restaurants, good schools, and developments that make for a true quiet community feel. The area offers a mild climate for most of the year with a brisk winter, and a modest amount of rain each month. These conditions make for easy access to outdoor recreation, but they also attract pests of all kinds. 

That’s why there’s Pestmaster® Services. For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing families and businesses of the Gahanna area with superior eco-friendly pest control solutions that we stand by. We show our commitment to our clients with our highly trained staff, unparalleled customer service, and service guarantee. Let us keep your property safe; contact Pestmaster® Services today for pest control you can trust. 

Home Pest Control In Gahanna, OH

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When pests make their way to your property, they have the potential to damage the structure of your home and put your health at risk. That’s why Pestmaster® Services is here. For more than two decades, we’ve been providing homeowners with the highest quality eco-friendly treatments that are safe for you and the environment. We begin every process with a thorough inspection of your property so that we can fully understand the scope of your issues, whether they’re proactive or responsive. 

From there, we work with homeowners to develop a treatment and follow-up plan that fits your unique needs and that will yield sustainable results. And because we are committed to keeping your home safe, we guarantee every service that we perform. Trust Pestmaster® Services for all of your home pest control needs by calling us today for your first inspection. 

Commercial Pest Control In Gahanna, OH

When you run a business, you know that pests can become a nightmare even if you’ve never had an infestation in your place of business. So either before an infestation has occurred or in a moment of crisis, turn to Pestmaster® Services for all of your commercial pest control needs. We provide the highest quality of eco-friendly treatments paired with superior service that will leave you with sustainable results. 

We thoroughly inspect every aspect of your property and then diagnose your issues so that we can get to solving the problems that are plaguing your business. At Pestmaster® Services, we will never give you a treatment plan without actually inspecting your property. Our highly trained technicians make it their mission to fully understand your goals and help you achieve them. Whether you’re a restaurant, warehouse, school, medical facility, or other business, we can help. Contact us today to keep you business pest-free. 

Do You Have Wildlife Plaguing Your Gahanna Home? 

When wildlife sets their sights on your Gahanna home, the terror that they can enact is unsightly, dangerous, and costly. If it's birds that won't let you enjoy your home with their droppings and nests, then you might need to enlist the bird control services that Pestmaster® Services offers. We use tactics like spikes and bird netting to make your home inhospitable to them.

If pests like raccoons, skunks, or opossums are lurking around your property, we'll work with you to assess what conditions your property is creating that is attracting various wildlife and we'll tackle those conditions specifically. Regardless of the wildlife pest that's nagging you, Pestmaster® Services can help. Contact us today for more information on keeping your property protected from local wildlife with our wildlife control services. 

Watch Out For Ticks When Prepping Your Garden In Gahanna

Ticks are a small, apple seed-shaped pest that is a parasitical hitchhiker, latching onto humans or pets and getting a free ride into your Gahanna property. Ticks prefer areas of high grass and yard debris to congregate and hop around on hosts. As you're prepping your garden for the season, you're likely to encounter ticks as you work, so make sure to wear lightweight, long-sleeved shirts and long pants to minimize accessible areas of skin. And once you've finished working for the day, make sure to perform a thorough check for ticks to ensure none have latched on to you during your time outdoors. For the safest, most effective tick prevention, contact Pestmaster® Services for more information.