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A small village located in Licking County, Johnstown is actually quite bustling! Filled with restaurants, shops, and a bike path, as well providing easy access to Columbus, Johnstown is a gem of Central Ohio, giving its residents everything they could want in a hometown. Warm yet mostly temperate year-round with a modest amount of rain, this slice of the state allows for outdoor activities and entertaining no matter the time. Unfortunately, this means exposure to pests 365 days a year. But that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Since 1979, Pestmaster® Services has been keeping midwestern families and businesses alike safe and free from common area pests with pride. Our unmatched customization of services is paired with a QualityPro certified, highly experienced staff that will work with you to develop a pest control plan that fits all of your needs. Contact us today for your no-obligation inspection!

Home Pest Control In Johnstown, OH

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At Pestmaster® Services, we believe in keeping your family safe with minimal interruption to your daily life. That’s why we offer a streamlined three-step process that will ensure you never have to worry about pests again:

  1. Inspection. To start, our technicians give a thorough check of both the interior and exterior of your property to determine what the problem is and any potential pest problems that could arise.

  2. Treatment. Once our team has identified any pest problems, we’ll create and execute a plan of action to either get rid of any pests that are present or to prevent any infestations from occurring. We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to create sustainable solutions to any situation that could come your way.

  3. Follow-up. We suggest quarterly maintenance inspections to ensure that both treated pests and new issues won’t arise. Our technicians will consistently monitor both the interior and exterior of your home, always providing detailed reports on any findings. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Johnstown, OH

Johnstown is brimming with local businesses, any of which could, at any time, encounter a pest problem that could force you to close your doors. That’s where we come in. At Pestmaster® Services, we work hand in hand with business owners to determine what pest issues are plaguing them, as well as proactively monitor any future ones from occurring. We work closely with our commercial clients of all kinds to determine the right solution at the right time, with our Integrated Pest Management methods. So whether you run a warehouse, restaurant, school, medical facility, or office building, we can help. Contact us today for your initial inspection and to learn more about our commercial pest control!

How To Effectively Control Bed Bugs On Johnstown Properties

Bed bugs are one of Johnstown’s most misidentified or unidentified pests out there due to their resemblance to other pests as well as the secretive nature in which they work. Bed bugs often feed off of humans in their sleep, only for humans to awake covered in red welts, often in a pattern or straight lines. For anyone who’s had bed bugs, you know just how truly unpleasant they are. Here are a few tips for controlling bed bugs in your Johnstown property:

  • Prevention. It can’t be said enough, but prevention is paramount with bed bugs. Once bed bugs have made it into your home they can be very hard to get rid of, so making sure that you’ve mitigated any factors, such as inspecting second-hand furniture before bringing it home, will serve you well with bed bugs.

  • Cover up mattresses. A mattress protector is always recommended for preventing bed bugs but did you know that they’re helpful once you’ve had bed bugs already? If you’ve had an infestation and have dealt with it, keeping your mattress covered to prevent the spread of any stragglers is very important.

  • Keep a clean home. Things like vacuuming regularly will work to destroy any bed bugs from crawling around your home and reproducing.  

The most effective and safest way to get rid of bed bugs is with professional assistance from the team at  Pestmaster® Services. Contact us today to keep the bed bugs away! 

Five Cockroach Prevention Tips For Homeowners In Johnstown

Cockroaches can make themselves at home practically anywhere, which is great for them, but bad news for Johnstown homeowners. Cockroaches of all types make their way inside homes looking for food, water, and shelter and, having built a dependent relationship with humans, they get everything they need pretty easily. Here are five ways to prevent cockroaches from taking over your home:

  1. Limit the areas where you eat. Because cockroaches love to scavenge for even the tiniest of human food crumbs, minimizing where you bring food simply limits the amount of places where crumbs could end up.

  2. Lock up entry points. If there are any small cracks or openings in your home’s foundation or perimeter, try using caulk to fill them. You should also opt to use weather stripping for any gaps in doors and windows.

  3. Clean up. Cockroaches love clutter, so cleaning up piles of old newspapers, magazines, and packing materials will remove one of their favorite hiding spots.

  4. Work on the kitchen. Though it’s not the only place in the home that is known for attracting cockroaches, it might be the most infamous. Be sure to store food in airtight containers, clean up any spills properly, store trash securely, and clean your dirty dishes often.

  5. Call the professionals. If you already have cockroaches, you’re going to want to call a professional team, and bringing in the pros is also the best way to work at preventing cockroaches in the first place.

Whether you have a cockroach problem or are concerned about one developing, contact the professionals at Pestmaster® Services today to keep your home clear of cockroaches.