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Complete Wildlife Control In Columbus, OH

Most of the local wildlife in Columbus are cute and cuddly, which is why most don't think anything of these animals in the trees or running along the ground. However, when they get inside your home, these animals are anything but cute. In fact, they're a nuisance and are the cause of many startling experiences, thanks to their size.

Columbus, OH Wildlife Identification

Some nuisance wildlife to watch out for in the Columbus, OH area includes, but aren't limited to, the following:


You'll likely find them in the attic or chimney when they get inside.


These animals like to stay on the ground, so they'll be under things like your deck or possibly in your garage or basement.


Also known as groundhogs, these animals can burrow under your house, undermining the foundation or footings of your structure.


Like raccoons, this pest will more than likely end up in your attic. You may also find them in your eaves and other similar locations.

It's important to remember that nuisance wildlife is easily frightened if approached, and as such, they can become aggressive, making removing them dangerous. For this reason, professional wildlife control is a must when dealing with this type of pest.

Nuisance Wildlife Problems In Columbus, OH

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Like other pests, nuisance wild animals cause many problems in your home or place of business. The sooner they're removed, the better for your property and the people residing on the premises.

One main problem to be concerned with when wildlife invade your property are diseases. Animals like raccoons and even squirrels are known to carry pathogens and bacteria that lead to various diseases. One of particular note is rabies from raccoons when they bite.

Another problem brought by wildlife is property damage. While they don't mean to be destructive, they certainly are. The bigger the animal, the more destructive they'll be to your building.

Due to the potential threat to your health and property, we always recommend you rely on trained professionals to handle wildlife removal instead of taking matters into your own hands.

Using the Integrated Pest Management Approach

Even with a specialty service, our pest management professionals use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) pest control approach. This approach ensures we identify the specific type of wildlife that has entered the building, how they got inside, and the necessary steps to facilitate removal. Once identified, we utilize one of our special treatments to remove the animal safely.

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Our Treatment Offerings

When it comes to wildlife control, we believe in a comprehensive approach in order to provide a total solution for our residential and commercial customers. As such, we offer the following services as needed: 

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Humane Trapping

Our traps are both humane and professional strength, so we can focus on removing the active pests from the premises. We check these traps daily until we resolve the problem.

exclusion services


We also provide exclusion work and can repair nearly any type of wildlife damage they cause. We also offer a one-year warranty from the date of completion.

mess in trash made by wildlife


If the pest in question has made a mess, we will clean out the feces and urine left behind. These clean-outs include sanitizing and disinfecting the areas affected.

Do you have a nuisance wildlife problem? Contact our pest management professionals at Pestmaster® Services for pest management with Environmentality®.

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